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about me


about me

Hey! Thanks for checking out my website. :-D If you wanted to know a little bit more about me- I found my love for music and performing through choir, which was my gateway to the love of my life - musical theatre. Person to person connection and the full realm of human emotions are what make life beautiful to me, and storytelling through the stage is one of the best ways to emulate that. 

Both on stage and off, I'd consider myself the eclectic type. Outside of performing, I like to spend my time weightlifting, reading astrological charts, writing poetry, and cosplaying. I've also always been a huge lover of academia, leading me to pursue a BA in political science on top of my BFA in musical theatre during my time at UC Irvine! I, of course, love my family and friends, and my little dog Sophie. I'm proudly Latina and deeply passionate about social justice and humanitarian issues. I appreciate all eras and genres of musical theatre, but pop/rock musicals hold a special place in my heart, with Hair, Rent, and Spring Awakening being among my favorites. 

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